Stories are more important than food, for they teach us how to live.
– Muslim proverb

rstaleyBehind the immediacy of breaking news are tales of achievement, loss and courage that endure long after the dramatic headlines fade away. These stories are found in the humblest as well as the most influential of individuals.

Magazine writer and editor Roberta Staley brings to light such stories of the human condition, whether they originate in her own community or from remote places around the globe. Encompassing medicine, business, science, gender rights and the environment, Staley’s work has garnered numerous journalism awards.

Staley has also begun documentary filmmaking. Her first project, which was shot in Afghanistan in 2015, analyzes the impact of Afghan female journalists and filmmakers on gender perceptions. Titled Mightier Than the Sword, the documentary follows three remarkable people: Sahar, Shakeela and Mozhdah, who are battling to break down the culture of silence and invisibility imposed upon women.

Whether Staley is editing a national science magazine or reporting from an Afghanistan marketplace, a Soweto AIDS clinic or a remote Cambodian village, the result is always engaging, engrossing and of the highest standard.