Young Kabul fashion maven helps modernize Afghanistan

Rahiba Rahimi reinvents traditional clothing for the modern Afghan woman

Rahiba Rahimi is a political science student at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. As part of the generation of Afghans that is embracing liberal ideas, gender equality and human rights, Rahiba is one of many young people who is working hard to modernize the country. Only 22, Rahiba studies international relations and has participated in Model United Nations. However, her true passion is fashion. Rahiba.Fashion.MavenRahiba had two main fashion influences growing up: women’s magazines as well as her mother, who wore beautiful traditional Afghan clothing. Last year, Rahiba created the Laman Clothing fashion house in Kabul, providing an alternative to the dour, oppressive burka and modest, dark clothing women currently wear. Rahiba celebrates traditional clothing, mixing extravagant colours and crocheted designs with modern silhouettes that celebrate the female form. Watch some Vimeo footage of Rahibi talking about how important women’s fashion is in the modernization of Afghanistan society — please note that this is raw footage…the documentary, obviously, is being edited with proper sound, colour correction, music, etc.)
Rahiba and her fashion house, Laman Clothing, are featured in the documentary Mightier Than The Sword, which will premiere this fall in Vancouver, Canada. We are nearing the end of both our crowdfunding campaign as well as the editing process, and hope that you can help out with either a contribution or by getting the word out. We are so grateful to all those who have contributed so far!

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