Feminist men are helping change Afghanistan

The dominance of the patriarchy in all aspects of Afghan society — and women’s attempt to change it — is the driving force behind the creation of the documentary Mightier Than The Sword. It is important to point out, however, that enlightened men are working in concert with women to help make their country more egalitarian and democratic. One of the fascinating individuals featured in Mightier Than The Sword is our own cameraman Nima Latifi, who had just finished the remarkable short film Qamar when he came on board our project.Estalef.Valley.Taliban.bombing.small An Iranian-born Afghan who boldly claims the title of feminist, Nima spent a year in Afghanistan shooting Qamar, a radical piece of cinema about a woman who battles the deeply entrenched tradition of child marriage. Nima’s film stars Afghan-American actress Leena Alam, who plays the main character Qamar, mother of 12-year-old Binazeer. Leena.Alam.The.MoonQamar’s heroin-addicted husband sells Binazeer to a 50-year-old village leader as a bride. The film dramatizes Qamar’s desperate and violent, but ultimately successful, battle to stop the marriage. Qamar not only is condemnation of this practice but communicates to women that they have the legitimate right to oppose traditional practices that deny human rights. Clips of the film, which has gorgeous cinematography, will be shown in Mightier Than The Sword.
The Indiegogo campaign to raise money for post-production for Mightier Than The Sword is ongoing, and we would love it if you could consider contributing, or help to get the word out. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!!

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